Kitchen Science : Physical and Chemical Changes Clip Art

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This is a big set of clipart to use in science resources that focus on physical and chemical changes that occur in a kitchen setting. Background/scenes and elements included - includes some sequenced changes as well such as bread!

What's included?
Clipart: 102
Format: Colour and Blackline
Type: .png
DPI: 300
Background: transparent


* Full kitchen (very large image but great for a whole page set up!)
* Sink
* Cupboard
* Stove
* Table
* Table with chairs

* Yeast packet
* Meat pie
* Recipe book
* Bubbles
* Steam
* Stove flame
* Mixing bowl
* Wooden spoon

* Banana (good, not so good, going mouldy)
* Canisters: Flour, Sugar, Bi-Carb
* Candles: Burning, no flame
* Bread: dough, empty baking pan, dough in pan, bread in pan, bread loaf, bread slice, bread slice on plate
* Eggs: egg (x2 white and brown), boiling in a saucepan, boiled sliced, frying in a frypan, fried egg, fried egg on toast, fried egg on plate
* Glasses: empty, water, water and ice, milk, curdled milk
* Water: in saucepan, boiling in saucepan
* Ice: cube, melting cube
* Plant: seedling, bit bigger, flowering
* Dishwashing liquid: open lid, closed lid