Letter Writing

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I love posting letters the old fashioned way by snail mail but so many kids don't get the chance to do it now. This is a great little activity to do in a literacy centre or writing lesson.

How do I use this?
Get your students to write to each other or you as part of a written task or integrate it into a unit (such as geography) to have students demonstrate what they have learned about a country.

I also use the postcard template as a bit of a practice lesson before letting them loose on the Postcrossing website!

What's included?
Page format: A4
Layout: 1 template per page (except 1-sided postcard - 2 per page)
Style: Blackline
Text: English (British)
Quantity: 6 templates

* 1 x 1-sided postcards
* 1 x a fold-over postcard
* 1 x envelope with lines/stamp place
* 1 x envelope (blank)
* 1 x square stamp
* 1 x rectangle stamp