Terms of Use

Terms of Use for purchasing resources from Miss Jennifer Ward. A range of classroom resources available.


I understand I am purchasing a licence for my own personal use of this resource and will not share, copy, distribute to others either in print or digital forms.

Clip Art, Templates, and Photographs

* Limited commercial use: only to be used for educational materials that are intended to be sold on teacher sites (DBT, TPT, TN, etc.).

* Images must be incorporated with your own work and designs. It can’t be used “as is” or with just an editable textbox. Strictly no colouring pages.

* PDF must be both flattened & secured.

* You must include my logo in credits with a clickable link to my store.

* No clip art images may be used in interactive whiteboard/ PowerPoint presentations, or Google presentations where the image is not flattened – eg. you can not use the clip art as a “moveable piece”.

* Letter Crafts can not be sold “as is”. If you are using these you need to include a minimum of 10 pages of other content – lesson plans/other activities, etc.

* You can not give away or sell this clip art.

* You can not claim the images as your own. The copyright of all templates, clip art, crafts and photographs remains with the creator Miss Jennifer Ward.